Sure, we’re “woke” but do we still have empathy?


Laughing at other people’s suffering is not very Angat Buhay tbh.

Since Typhoon Karding, many people around the areas of Luzon have been left stranded and homeless. Calls for help are often seen on Facebook, yet one such post caught the attention of many netizens– Jessica Lising’s.

While stranded in her own home with her baby, Jessica Lising has made over 10 posts asking for rescue. These posts usually receive sympathy, but hers attracted hate after people discovered that she is a supporter of Bongbong Marcos. 

Jessica also previously shared a post about extreme flooding in the Metro with a caption, “chill baha lang ‘yan”–to which the Internet netizens returned the sentiment to her.

The Twitter community added more fuel to the fire as well by saying things like “dasurv” or “tawa now, iyak later”. They believed that being gravely affected by flashfloods is “karma”.

Because of the hate train, Jessica had to deactivate her account that week. No updates have been made about her family’s well-being since then.

Although her political opinion does not coincide with half of the country’s population, it’s still not a good excuse to be insensitive.

This is why some BBM supporters view Kakampinks as elitists. We gatekeep good governance in the sense that we mock them in times when they need help the most. Sure, we want to resent them for who they voted for, but to joke about someone’s unfortunate situation will only make them cling even more to the administration, who they perceive is kinder and more emphatic than the alternative.

We are privileged enough to be “politically woke”; but we must remind ourselves that Filipinos are not the enemy. It is the political opportunists. And if trying to educate those with different political views does not work anymore, perhaps having a sense of humanity can.

On a brighter note, the Angat Buhay Foundation continues to reach out to typhoon victims this week and in the proceeding days.



So, if we want this community aid to reach the masses, be sensitive. Help out if you can, and let your acts of kindness speak louder so that they may be able to be influenced by what Angat Buhay truly stands for.

bbm, Sure, we’re “woke” but do we still have empathy?

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