This study says 24-year-olds are still teenagers

You probably felt like you were plunged right into the deep end of the pool when you started “adulting.” It has also occurred to you countless of times, that maybe—just maybe—you’re not at all ready for it and won’t be anytime soon.

Our generation does not only feel unprepared for what lies ahead, but is actually delaying some decades-old traditional adulthood indicators, which includes, marriage and family, and buying and investing in properties.

teenagers, This study says 24-year-olds are still teenagersThis leads to a study finding published by the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health Journal that there is an extension of adolescence. For the young generation, you don’t stop being a teenager at 19, this period actually goes on until you’re 24.

“Delayed timing of role transitions, including completion of education, marriage, and parenthood, continue to shift popular perceptions of when adulthood begins,” Susan Sawyer wrote in the study she made titled “The Age of Adolescence.”

If you’re 20 to 24, well congratulations, you’re still a teenager. Turns out being an adult is just a state of mind.