Bali tourists could soon be jailed for premarital sex


In today’s edition of bizarre (proposed) foreign laws:

Indonesia is moving to ban sex outside marriage – for citizens and tourists alike.

Under an update of the country’s penal code, having consensual sex outside marriage could be punishable to 6 months to a year in jail. Once passed, the laws could spell trouble for tourism in Bali, as it welcomes millions of people just looking for a good time.

bali, Bali tourists could soon be jailed for premarital sex

How exactly the Indonesian government plans to take down every single tourist having sex is unclear, with parliament member Teuku Taufiqulhad even saying that they won’t be punished ‘as long as people don’t know.’

The mentioned penal code also bans gay sex, criticizing the president, taking an abortion pill, giving contraceptives to minors, and unmarried couples living together.

With the Indonesian government pushing to let the bannings pass, laws like these are a hard pill to swallow in what we think is a free world. It’s not just a matter of disastrous tourism for the country, but a cry for help for Indonesians who have to live under the harsh rules.