Stop judging my resting bitch face!

We The Pvblic

Do not be so quick with telling them your first impression because it does not last all the time. You’re sick and tired of being labelled that…

1You do not look approachable.

Hey, I can be a good friend.

2You always look like you’re mad.

To be honest, I’m having a good hair day.

3You were always asked if you’re okay.

Keep calm, I’m soooo okay. Okay!

4You look like you’re always upset.

No, I don’t need that hug nor your advice.

5You are having a bad day but no one notices it

Somebody please help.

6You are cracking a joke but no one laughs

I’m waiting for you to laugh in 3…2…1

7You looked in the mirror and try to check what is wrong

WTF?! What. The. Face. Okay, I get it.

8You are happy but it just doesn’t show

My face just don’t cooperate but I am. *villain smile*

9You are always being judged


10But then you agree with what Melissa Gorga have said that “Smiling gives you wrinkles. Resting bitch face keeps you pretty.”

Nailed it!