Steve Burns will fight John Cena to host ‘Blue’s Clues’ again

We The Pvblic

WWE superstar John Cena made tidal waves on the interwebs last week after he was seen sporting the signature green striped shirt of Steve Burns, the original host of the children’s show Blue’s Clues after Nickelodeon’s announcement of its revival.

The photo was uploaded on Twitter by AdWeek senior editor Jason Lynch and has garnered almost 11,000 retweets and over 29,000 likes on the platform.

The pvblic grew up with Steve and Blue on Nickelodeon when the ‘90s started to come to a close. It was unforgettable–Steve’s Handy Dandy Notebook, Sidetable Drawer, Mailbox, Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper, and the other animated entities that entertained our childhood. The show grew up as fast as we did, and as our favorite Steve “went off to college”, he was replaced by his on-screen brother Joe until the show’s conclusion in 2006. It’s safe to say Joe served to be the host for the Generation Z viewers, and Steve’s departure was the telltale sign that the Millennials were a bit too old for Nick Jr.

John Cena’s appearance in Steve’s distinct garment of choice seemed to have sparked a fire in the ex-host’s heart. Our dearest Steve Burns isn’t so keen on passing the torch to the wrestler–not without a fight, at least. He released a video expressing his excitement regarding the show’s reboot before explaining the ideal qualities of the next host and calling out the “super buff, professional wrestler”.

Steve Burns is willing to go against John Cena in the ring! Watch the video below:

Wrestling fans didn’t hold their witticism back in the comments section; “Forget Undertaker vs. Cena, we got Steve vs. Cena!” one comment read, “Don’t let Vince McMahon see this,” said another, and of course, “Bah gawd!!! Steve just broke Cena with the damn mailbox!! Somebody gotta stop this match!!” in that definite Jim Ross voice.

Book the match, Vince! Let’s see who really deserves the regal “Blue’s Clues” title.