Steam breaks online user record as 20 million people nerd out at home

The era of gamers is here

PC gaming platform Steam has broken its record of the highest number of online users yesterday, gathering almost 20 million people to the service.

Mainly due to the Coronavirus lockdowns, it seems that staying home has seen more and more people opting to try online games – or at least bring back their old accounts.

Although reaching the highest number of online users, actual in-game players were only 6.2 million. So it’s either people are still figuring out what game they’re into or Steam’s auto-login was in effect.


6.2M gamers is still a pretty huge number though, as the top games being played were first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (1M), your high school fave DOTA 2 (700k), Rainbow Six Siege (196k), Path of Exile (115k) and OG Grand Theft Auto V (173k).

Meanwhile, Steam’s previous online user record was 18,000,000+ just this February. With lockdowns and quarantines continuing amidst the outbreak, it’s likely that the gamer population will only go up.

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steam coronavirus, <b> Steam breaks online user record as 20 million people nerd out at home</b>

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