Guess we have to cut down on our lattes because Starbucks implemented a price increase


The company implemented a 5-Peso increase on all their beverages

On Tuesday, Starbucks Philippines under the licensing of Rustan Coffee Corp. said they had started the implementation of a 5-Peso increase on their beverages.

Maria Rosario Vilchez, Starbucks Philippines marketing, and global responsibility manager, in a message to Inquirer, confirmed the price hike. She said, “We regularly review pricing to allow us to properly balance the experience we provide our customers with our need to effectively run the business.”

Employees from some of the branches said the price adjustment was an effect of the inflation and sugar shortage. Starbucks has yet to confirm if this is true.

The brand, however, said they will still continue to offer special promotions and their Starbucks Rewards loyalty program so they can keep providing their customers value in ways they can.

There are also new additions to their menu and merchandise, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, perfect for the season.

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