LOOK: Starbucks and Hyungwon from MONSTA X are locked in an adorable exchange on Twitter

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It’s no secret that Hyungwon from MONSTA X is the master of sass, which makes him one of those meme-able people, and the memes say it all.

There’s basically one for every shady situation in life.

But he’s prob best known for the ‘sipping starbucks meme’, which is one of the most-used K-Pop gifs ever.

It’s one of those ‘when words aren’t enough’ moments that you have to use a gif to express how you feel.

Even American director and former NFL Receiver Matthew Cherry couldn’t get enough of the legendary gif. He even tweeted about it!

Apparently, there is no unique backstory behind this. It’s just Hyungwon being caught on camera in a 2014 event for fans.

Starbucks showed its love for Hyungwon in a reply to a fan who tweeted about the new strawberry frappe

Hyungwon, of course, sends back some love.

That’s Hyungwon for you.

It’s not the first time brands have shown love for K-pop Idols on Twitter, here are some of our favorite tweets:

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