Stabilo highlights the reMARKable women in history in this creative and empowering ad

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‘Highlight the Remarkable’

With the tagline and the simple yet eye-catching ads, Stabilo celebrates the success of reMARKable (*wink wink*) women in history who have overcome prejudice in a male-dominated field to be the best they can be.



Edith Wilson

Caption: ‘The First Lady who assumed her husband’s presidential responsibilities after he was paralyzed by a stroke’


Lise Meitner

Caption: ‘Discoverer of nuclear fission whose male partner was awarded with the Nobel Prize’


Katherine Johnson

Caption: The NASA mathematician responsible for the calculations resulting in Apollo 11’s safe return to Earth.

And of course, people in the internet are living for it:





Simple, yet effective.


Contributed by: Moley Galindo

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