Spotify drops curated ‘pet playlists’ for doggos left at home


Spotify has officially launched a series of ‘algorithmically curated‘ pet playlists and a new podcast to help our furry friends relax when we leave them alone.

Different curated playlists are available for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even iguanas based on their owners’ music taste, as Spotify found that over 71% of pet-owners played music for their pets. Relatable.

‘It’s only natural that we want to make them feel good, too, and many pet owners believe they do exactly that with music,’ said Spotify.

Spotify has also launched an adorable podcast aptly titled ‘My Dog’s Favourite Podcast‘ that plays human voices, ambient music, and instrumentals to encourage dogs to chill out.

Both the playlists and podcasts are curated by animal experts, and Spotify even asks users for their pet’s personality to make sure the music fits their liking. The future has truly arrived.

Check out your, er, your pets’ curated playlist here.

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