Spongebob’s real-life Super Bowl appearance was a total letdown

Gelo Lasin

After more than half a million people petitioned for Spongebob to perform ‘Sweet Victory’ at this year’s SuperBowl Halftime Show, the lovable sponge finally made it to the event, although not in the way everyone expected.

Spongebob and the squad were relegated to a brief cameo during the intro of the Maroon 5-led event.


The clip comes from the iconic episode ‘Band Geeks’ which saw the Bikini Bottom squad perform the song ‘Sweet Victory’ at the ‘Bubble Bowl’ halftime show.

But while the fans finally (sorta) got what they wanted, many were disappointed as they actually wanted the song to be performed instead of a 5-second clip.




But hey, if you thought this year’s Super Bowl was lackluster, at least you’ll always have this classic to fall back on.


Banner credit: tonedeaf.thebrag.com

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