Who would have imagined that you’d see a classic Filipino sorbetes cart in Times Square? 

Last April 29, So Sarap NYC posted a video on their official Facebook page showing a man pushing a sorbetes cart in the famous Manhattan landmark to celebrate the upcoming Philippine Independence Day.

So Sarap NYC is a Filipino street food pop-up vendor launched in August 2020. While their mission is to remind fellow Filipinos of their childhood memories, they also want to bring cultural awareness by introducing iconic Philippine treats in New York City. Currently, they are collaborating with various small businesses to offer other kinds of food.

The co-founders of the business are VJ Navarro and Sebastien Shan. According to Navarro, launching the sorbetes cart is a collaborative project between So Sarap NYC and Kabisera Cafe, a Filipino cafe in New York. The cafe will be the one in charge of supplying the dirty ice cream.

‘Most Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai are known and accepted worldwide. [VJ] wants to put Filipino culture in the spotlight. I would encourage him every time, and still do,’ Shan mentioned in an interview with PhilSTAR Life. 

The project’s Instagram page is full of images showing the various Filipino street food sold in different parts of New York. Among the street food that they offered were kwek-kwek, bituka ng baboy, beef pares, manggo’t bagoong, ice candy, and pork & chicken barbeque. They even sold Binatog by the Brooklyn Bridge. Adding to their growing lineup of street food will be sorbetes, a.k.a. dirty ice cream.

The dirty ice cream cart will be available in Times Square and other parts of New York City as it goes around on June 12 and 13.