Something in Liza Soberano has changed

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Visiting Liza Soberano’s Instagram feed right now will be every Parisienne-wannabe’s biggest mistake, as she shares her adventures in the most romantic city in the world.

Her current feed features two whole rows of photos from her recent England and Paris trip, who, in December, says she’s trying not to post more photos that aren’t related to her endorsements. A big turnaround from her then sponsored-laden content streak.

Don’t get us wrong, we all look up to her for being the face of many brands, but it’s in the photos from her own camera roll that we are most excited to see—and we’re getting more of it! YAAAS!

Heres me trying to post something not related to my endorsements hehe ??‍♀️

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The actress, who just turned 20 years old today, also had a pit stop in England, before joining the rest of her family in France for the holidays.

Don’t you just love Liza more after discovering she’s a Beatles fan, too? She even raves about crossing the iconic Abbey Road in these posts:

We have to agree with Liza, it is indeed a beautiful place (with her in it, lol!).

Like, doesn’t she just belong to this city perfectly?

Keep going, gurl! We love your posts.

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