Solenn Heussaff just made a solid comeback to Erwan’s bashers

We The Pvblic

Erwan Heussaff just celebrated his birthday and Jasmine Curtis, younger sister of Anne Curtis (who so happened to be Erwan’s girlfriend), might have been too cheeky about the thing going on between ErwAnne… That’s what the netizens said.

Take for example this happy birthday post of Jasmine in her Snapchat account – which she deleted after gaining a number of hateful remarks. What do you think?

And some netizens are just too obsessed with issues and controversies

They’re very close, just so you know. Look at this Snapchat post… by ate Anne herself

Take that, judgmental people

Now, enter ate Solenn, and all hell breaks loose. HERE’S HER BIG COMEBACK:

Double burn!