FYI: People’s SOGIE doesn’t have an on/off switch

A sadly necessary reminder

ICYMI, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has gotten itself into some hot water yet again regarding the apparently ‘solved‘ investigation of Christine Dacera, as the case continues to turn the comments section into a herd of detectives/forensics/crime experts.

This time around, Makati City’s chief of police Police Col. Harold turned the heads of the LGBT community after commenting on alleged suspect Gregorio Angelo Rafael de Guzman’s innocence plead, claiming that he didn’t harm Christine the night she died.

‘Lalaki padin sila, may instinct yan. Lalo na if you’re under the influence of intoxicating alcohol tapos kung merong pang presence of drugs ‘yan edi lalo na,’ Depositar shared with ABS-CBN News (around 4:30).

From the absurdity of Depositar’s words, netizens were quick to point out that gay people are actually even more savage when they get drunk – and not in the bad way.




Though it’s become a meme truly apt for the situation, at its core, Depositar’s’ statement is a worrying cause of alarm for the country’s complete lack of SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression) education.

Though we might think that it’s just a boomer move to assume people can subconsciously ‘switch off’ their gender identity, it’s still a clear sign of our overall mentality of tolerating, and not truly accepting, the LGBT community.

Nevermind the fact that social media practically hunted down the suspects like witches, plastering their names and faces in widespread posts, but now those from our country’s top defense system are disregarding an entire preference along with it.

“It seems the PNP must be reminded of a simple truth: Gay men are only attracted to men,’ explained Rey Valmores-Salinas from PH LGBT group ‘Bahaghari’.

‘It is alarming for our law enforcers to insist on branding these men as criminals even when, in the first place, the country has been embroiled in this mess because of the PNP’s inability to conduct a full and thorough investigation before jumping to conclusions.’

sogie christine dacera, <b> FYI: People&#8217;s SOGIE doesn&#8217;t have an on/off switch </b>
Human Rights Watch

Without proper SOGIE learnings and immersion, the country is hellbent on even more of these unjust situations – rooted in stigma, unbacked claims, and internalized bigotry.

sogie christine dacera, <b> FYI: People&#8217;s SOGIE doesn&#8217;t have an on/off switch </b>