These snaps prove that Sofia Andres is beauty personified

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Sofia Andres returns!

Sofia Andres shocked netizens everywhere when she re-appeared in ‘Bagani’ as her character, ‘Mayari.’

For those not in the know, Sofia was surprisingly killed off in the show three months ago, after just a few weeks of portraying the character.

It marks a triumphant comeback for Andres, who took a significant time off from the limelight to deal with anxiety and depression, an issue which she isn’t afraid to talk about.



She even bravely admitted to seeking help



She also showed her support to anyone who’s suffering the same condition

to all the survivors struggling tonight, i see you and your strength, you are not weak. i'm doing this right now because maybe at least it can help my mind to recover from worrying from thinking. maybe you're crying or sobbing so hard right now and you can barely breathe. you know what? breathe! you're going to be okay. breathe, and you know you can survive. it's painful but you can sit with it and eventually they will pass. maybe not immediately, but sometime soon. you are not your anxiety. it just takes time and effort to take control of your brain. it's nothing to be ashamed of, but to be honest i was real scared to tell my friends, my loved ones, and my family about the anxiety attacks i have been experiencing. everyone is an individual and everyone gets anxious, just on different levels and to different extents. love yourself be compassionate, give yourself time. welcome it. write about it, laugh, love and realize that you're enough. these past few days i haven't been replying to my friends. the reason behind it is that my brain's a little messed up sometime. what that means in the simplest possible terms, is that a lot of time I feel very, very low. think about bad thoughts and just spend time in bed. i over think things, useless things, that's so unfair right? that's a big part of why I'm trying to become a better person, to control my mind because i love the people in my life and this anxiety makes me treat them like i don't. listen there will be a good days, and there will be bad days that will almost make you feel you want to give up, but hold just hold on, please always try to hold on. you are not crazy, you are fine, i belive you can make it. no matter how hard we try to feel okay, no matter how hard we try to feel happy, no matter how hard we try to make things right, no matter how hard we try to think we are fine. let's not force it, let it process slowly. it is hard to feel the pain, it is hard not to feel okay, yes it is tiring. but these things will help you to be strong. strong enough to forgive, to understand, to love, to respect, to smile genuinely, to live the life to the fullest without hurting anybody. #huaweip20pro #SeeMore #OOO

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‘To all the survivors struggling tonight, I see you and your strength, you are not weak.’

If this girl’s spunk and courage isn’t enough to make you swoon, then her otherworldly beauty will.

With 3.4 million IG followers and counting, it’s safe to say that the world is head-over-heels for the Kapamilya actress.

I mean, cmon

why not denim polo shirt @penshoppe 💙 photo by @thelaraandres

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this Leica camera is giving me life! #huaweip20pro #SeeMore

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Absolutely gorgeous

isabela 📍

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Just… hayyy

cold weather is really perfect for me tuhday

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That’s it. Call us hooked.

@thepersonamnl best seller font style necklace 💗

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