Is Social Media waayy too toxic? Go nuts on these sites instead

Gelo Lasin

People online can be too unbearably toxic at times, and that’s coming from a guy who browses social media for a living. Sometimes, you just want to say sayonara to all the drama and put your Facebook or Twitter account out of its misery.

Fortunately for us, there are actually tons of websites out there who act as the Internet’s palate cleanser with their slew of witty and funny content.

Here are some of them.

The Oatmeal

I am a huge, HUUUGE Matthew Inman fan. The famed cartoonist is amazing for his flexible storytelling skills, as his comics can go from discussing inane things about cats to stories about self-discovery in a heartbeat.

Much like his topics, his drawings can range from the beautiful to the unapologetically crude, which is why his website is such a draw (hehe, get it?).


Pottermore provides unique insights and cool backstories to everyone and EVERY thing in the Harry Potter universe. Plus, it even has this neat feature where you get sorted into houses (just like in the books!) when you sign up for the service.

But the coolest part has to be the fact that most entries, if not all, are written by J.K. Rowling herself. What more could you want as a Potterhead?

Personally, I would consider Cracked as the father of all listicles. It had articles just about everything: politics, life advice, World War 2, you name it! Their anything-under-the-sun approach is what made them so goddamn addicting.

The outspoken platform was practically my Internet home during my childhood, thanks to the sarcastic, hilarious and sometimes, life-changing tone of its content.

If you’re going to spend 90% of your waking moment online, might as well do some good for a cause. is a free-to-play trivia site which donates 10 grains of rice for every question that you can answer correctly. You’re having fun AND helping out the needy. Sounds like a win-win.

We The Pvblic

Oh c’mon, how can we not plug ourselves with a list like this? We practically cover every topic any millennial would ever be interested in, from streetwear to acclaimed pvblic icons.

Plus, we’re also celebrating our third anniv on November 24, so why not give us a shoutout and show us some love? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks guys! ❤️

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