Here’s what today’s tech would look like in the 90’s

Gelo Lasin

Graphic artist Thomas Ollivier recently unveiled his ‘Re:Birth‘ series, which gives a glimpse of what today’s technology would look like if they were invented in the 90s.

The collection does this by merging nostalgic tech (eg. Walkman) with current apps that are considered its closest equivalent (Spotify). The result is one heck of a blast from the past, as well as a huge reminder of how much our everyday tools have evolved from the physical to the digital.

Spotify x Walkman


Adobe Illustrator x Etch & Sketch


Google x Speak & Spell


Instagram x Disposable Camera


WhatsApp x Walkie Talkie


Snapchat x Game n Watch


Facebook x Pager


Netflix x View Master


Photos from Hypebeast

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