10 Small Acts of Kindness To Do That’ll Make This World A Better Place

We The Pvblic

Kindness does not have to be in the form of donating a huge amount of money to an orphanage nor offering one’s lives for the sake of the people’s benefit. By doing these, you’ll never know that you could have made someone happy even in a small way.

It won’t hurt doing these things so you can begin:

  1. Holding the door for someone before you

  2. Smiling at random people you see as you walk

  3. Offering help when someone’s carrying a heavy baggage

  4. Giving compliments to someone

  5. Saying thank you when someone does you a favor

  6. Giving someone a hug or a hanky

  7. Giving something to someone you care about

  8. Offering your seat an old-aged people, especially when you are in public transportation

  9. Treating a homeless person and having a conversation with them

  10. Listening to someone who has a problem

Watch this video to give you inspiration.