‘Slam Dunk’ is getting a new movie

Slam Dunk creator Inoue Takihiko seems to agree that few lifts the spirits as effectively as nostalgia, as he started off the year teasing a new movie in the iconic series.

Takihiko tweeted a teaser of the film, writing ‘Slam Dunk. It will be a movie!’ in Japanese. There’s little to go on in terms of details, other than that it will be (thankfully) an anime installment, rather than live-action.

Toei Animation, which helmed the series during its original 1993 – 1996 run, will return for the project.

Slam Dunk was first published as a manga under the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1990-1996 and spun off to include the aforementioned series, as well as four movies. The story follows high schooler Hanamichi Sakuragi who takes up basketball to impress his crush, Haruko, who is a fan of the game.