SkinWhite’s ‘Dark is Beautiful’ ad left people confused AF

Gelo Lasin

In case you missed it, SkinWhite recently launched a campaign which promotes the idea that ‘Dark or White is Beautiful’ by featuring twins, Marianne and Martha Bibal.


And while the message itself is pretty noble, the idea of a skin whitening brand telling everyone that it’s okay to be dark or brown-skinned left everyone feeling a little bit…. confused.




What’s even more controversial was that one of the models used in the campaign isn’t naturally brown-skinned at all. Apparently, she was just made up or edited to look like so.

This, of course, added fuel to the fire.




On Facebook, SkinWhite defended themselves from the same set of criticisms. Apparently, they used the similarity of the twins to ‘communicate that both colors are beautiful.’

And as for the overall intention of their #DarkorWhiteisBeautiful campaign? The brand explains that they are simply telling everyone that they ‘respect the choice you make in defining your standard of beauty’.

What do you think? Is the campaign questionable? Or does SkinWhite have a point?

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