‘Make it white’: Simon Cowell wants to rival K-Pop with own ‘UK-Pop’ group

Simon Cowell has long been branded as the fiery hitmaker when it comes to finding new musical acts, but this time, he’s in deep trouble for poking the most ferocious beehive of stan Twitter: the K-POP fandom.

The music mogul/judge announced on Twitter that he’s looking for talents for  ‘X Factor: The Band‘, his new talent show aimed to rival K-pop artists by introducing a ‘UK-pop‘ group. Yikes.


‘Right now K-Pop you could argue is ruling the world. Now it’s time for UK-Pop.’, said Simon.

‘We have weeks to get this together. We are going to find either the biggest boy group in the world or the biggest girl group in the world.’

Naturally, K-POP fans didn’t appreciate that a white man wanted to overthrow an industry that introduced huge, global hit-making Asian acts like BTS and BLACKPINK. The criticism against Simon ranged from accusations of whitewashing Korean groups to just plain ‘ok, boomer‘.





There’s a lucrative appeal to the idea, but starting a musical group with the goal to overtake one of the biggest musical industries in the world by replacing Asian acts with Brits (and pissing off a huge chunk of people at that) probably isn’t the wisest way to start anything.

We have yet to hear what Simon Says though.

simon cowell, ‘Make it white’: Simon Cowell wants to rival K-Pop with own ‘UK-Pop’ group

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