These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media


The habit of clicking the add-to-cart button and waiting for monthly sales has been inevitable over the past few years. The convenience and thrill of it all is something that people welcomed into their lives. While some find online shopping fun, others saw this as a chance to start their own company.

All of the local brands mentioned below launched their brainchild by using online platforms. To no surprise, these young CEOs are from two different generations that conquer the digital era — the Gen Z, who are natives of the digital age, and Millennials, who are referred to as digital pioneers.

Apart from being versed with all things digital, these entrepreneurs also happen to be siblings. Ahead, they share how social media is an important medium for navigating their brand. Who else would know how to run the online world better than these youngins?

VV and Co.

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo: Instagram/verniecenciso | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Product: Perfume
Owners: Verniece Enciso and Vern Enciso-Lim
The story behind the brand: The two sisters launched VV and Co. last 2018, a fragrance brand that was about a decade’s worth of dreams and a year’s worth of planning.
They explained, ‘We chose to launch perfumes specifically because we realized that when a buyer chooses to buy a bottle of perfume, we become part of their journey and collection of memories in the years to come.’

The funds for their business came from both their savings during the 8 years that they were in the content creation industry. They shared, ‘Our parents guided us with costing, deciding on what suppliers to trust, and basing our [company] in Cebu.’


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On social media’s role in their business: Even before the pandemic happened, VV and Co. believes that their customers lean towards online shopping. With that in mind, they made the brand exclusively available to purchase through e-commerce sites, Instagram, and their official website.

They also mentioned that collaborating with fellow content creators such as Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Bella Racelis, and David Guison opened doors to new customers and grew their brand.

On VV and Co.’s wildest dreams: Verniece mentioned that it was always their goal to expand into a beauty brand and make it accessible around the world. She said, ‘Vern and I are two different people, but this is our north star, and plan to reach it together.’

Vern added, ‘My wildest dream for VV and Co [is] to collaborate with Blackpink! It would be cool to release four scents to represent Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosè. A pop-up for that release all over the world would be cool, too!’

Luisa Jewellery

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo Courtesy of Luisa Jewellery | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Product: Jewellery
Owners: Sarah Policios and Samantha Policios
The story behind the brand: The twins behind Luisa Jewellery started their brand in 2018 with the intention of solving their own problem: where can they buy affordable and quality jewellery that suits their style?

The two of them work in the fashion industry, so they had the upper hand in understanding the trends. Unfortunately, there weren’t many stores that offered what they were looking for, so they decided to launch a brand of their own.

With 15,000 pesos to start, they used that amount to produce a few jewellery pieces, sourced packaging, and allocated a marketing budget.


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On social media’s role in their business: The women behind the jewellery brand explained that anyone could literally be entrepreneurs thanks to social media. They said, ‘It’s the most convenient and cost-efficient way to increase awareness, attract & engage with the right audience and boost sales.’

‘For us, what worked best in getting our brand out there was both ads and influencer marketing,’ they shared. ‘Also, we both love dressing up as the [number one] fans of our own products. [It] is always an effective & subtle way to promote our brand.’

On what the twins are up to lately: Apart from being born on the same day, they also work as fashion stylists. Samantha said, ‘I work freelance, but most of the time [I also work] for some shows on GMA7, commercials, [and] print ads for personal clients.’

On the other hand, Sarah shared, ‘The most recent project I did was with Adidas. I styled the mannequins in their stores and provided training to their staff.’

The Chai Bros Co.

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo Courtesy of The Chai Bros Co. | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Products: Tea and Milktea
Owners: Darik Go, Johann Go, and Janine Go
The story behind the brand: Despite the brand’s name, The Chai Bros Co. is actually composed of two brothers and a sister. Born out of boredom during the earlier days of quarantine, the brand is now slowly making a name for itself.

Ever since they were little, their mom would make milk tea and serve it during family reunions. Since their relatives, a.k.a. one of their first customers, look forward to the drink, they decided to make a business out of it back in May 2020.

The trio had to put out less than 10,000 pesos since they already have the cooking materials at home. The only items they had to source for were raw ingredients and bottles.


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On social media’s role in their business: The Chai Bros Co. believes that social media was key to building their brand since it’s completely managed online. They also highlighted that they’re focusing on building their digital presence.

The brand veered away from modern aesthetics and chose to present its feed in a traditional vibe. Even their logo is inspired by vintage postage stamps. They also incorporate photos from their travels, like the teaser image from their pre-launch, ‘that’s a photo of a mural from Penang that we took.’

On why working with siblings is a good idea: The three of them are in different stages of their lives. Darik is the eldest and is working as a private banker, Johann is taking up a journalism degree at the University of the Philippines Diliman, and Janine is an incoming senior high school student.

‘I think it’s a really important thing. It’s something that involves all of us,’ Darik explained. ‘I think working with siblings is really something that brings you together. Closer than whatever level of closeness you were before.’

Safari Studios

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo Courtesy of Safari Studios | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Product: Clothing
Owners: Andrieu Tee and Adrien Tee
The story behind the brand: Meet another pair of twins on this list who set up their own local brand. Safari Studios started in 2017, back when they were just a junior in college.

It was a time when they both wanted to explore the local clothing scene and combat the problems of pieces being too loud or minimalistic. In addition, they wanted to make clothes that could last years with the designs remaining relevant.

The twins actually have two other business partners who also contribute to the brand. They shared, ‘We started with 50,000 pesos since we needed to meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of the supplier and also have enough on the side to have for marketing.’


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On social media’s role in their business: While there are benefits in using social media, the guys of Safari studios also pointed out a challenge. They said, ‘It’s so easy and accessible now to put your brand out there, especially with social media, but it does come with a catch – there’s a lot of other brands who can do the same thing as well.’

They reckoned that using Instagram and Facebook ads are great tools, but utilizing them is where one should put in the work. They said, ‘To know the algorithms, the right targeting, and to know the right tools is [a] whole new world we’re trying to learn.’

On Safari Studios’ wildest dreams:Our biggest dream is to have our own store where we can fully express what Safari Studios [is about], and where people would take their time to visit our store to see how it looks like.’ they said.

‘For sure, we will try to do some of the cool or interesting concepts that we already have in mind for our future store.’ they continued. ‘And if we get really big, then we can go international.’

Taste & Tell

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo Courtesy of Taste & Tell | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Product: Sushi Bake
Owners: Pamela Chuateco, Trixie Chuateco, Mariell Chuateco, and Marika Chuateco
The story behind the brand: Remember when sushi bake trended during the start of the pandemic? Well, Taste & Tell made it big as they became the go-to sushi bake brand in Manila, garnering over 30,000 followers on Instagram as of writing. They also mentioned that they owe their success to their secret sauce.

It all started when Mariell brought one of the trays to her boyfriend’s house as a gift. They recalled, ‘Two weeks later, her boyfriend’s mom asked if she could order 10 trays to send out as gifts. And that’s when it hit us — should we start a business?’

They spent a hefty amount of 10,000 pesos each. They explained, ‘The ingredients don’t come cheap, as we use only authentic Japanese products in our brand that has passed our set standards.’


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On social media’s role in their business: The four sisters expressed that they use social media platforms as a means to communicate with customers. The brand first catered to buyers through Instagram until it continued with Facebook.

‘Social media has also been a great part [in] marketing posts [and] stories and from the experiences [of] our customers,’ they shared.

On what the Taste & Tell siblings are up to lately: Life outside of their sushi bake world isn’t far from what they currently do for most siblings. Pamela is an Industrial Engineering student at the De La Salle Univesity Manila, while her sisters manage other businesses.

Trixie is working on another family enterprise as a merchandising manager; Mariell has her own cosmetic brand, and Marika is in the process of learning the ropes of their other family businesses.

The Kula Press

siblings, <b> These sibling-entrepreneurs share how to build brands through social media </b>
Photo Courtesy of The Kula Press | Edited by Bea Zaragoza

Products: Coffee and Milk Tea
Owners: Ashley Cantong, Alexi Cantong, and Tasha Cantong
The story behind the brand: Back in June 2020, three sisters behind The Kula Press got the idea of producing bottled coffee and milk tea from their dad. From there, they met with a mixologist to learn the advanced processes of coffee and looked for suppliers.

“Kula” is actually another word for “community,” which the business centered on. They shared, ‘We thought of this name because this is just a reminder that during these trying times, a community is truly what keeps us going.’

They started with a capital of 15,000 pesos coming from their own allowance. With the overwhelming support from friends and family, they reached break-even within two weeks.


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On social media’s role in their business: The young folks said that luck was on their side since social media made things easier. They said, ‘We definitely wouldn’t have been able to grow this much if it weren’t for online platforms like Instagram and Facebook.’

‘Given the restrictions brought by the pandemic, we were focused on widening our reach through online food delivery services and by posting enticing materials on social media,’ they added.

On why working with siblings is a good idea: Tasha, the youngest of them all, explained that she wasn’t keen on the idea of working with her sisters at first. However, it turned out that they complement each other when it comes to teamwork.

Ashley said, ‘Working with siblings allows for a much more comfortable work environment where more honest opinions can be shared freely, and quality business decisions can be made.’

‘We’ve grown up together, so we mostly know what kind of style we each prefer, business-wise. It also allows more creative freedom!’ Alexi explained.

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