Should education be for everyone?

We The Pvblic

Education unlocks an individual’s full potential. It teaches someone to critically think, to analyze problems, to provide solutions, and to create something bigger than oneself.

Education is crucial in order to succeed in the fast-moving world, it opens doors and avenues which won’t be possible if you can’t articulate and express your ideas clearly.

A majority would think that education is something everyone should have, however, some aren’t convinced.

A particular tweet caught the pvblic’s attention stating that “education shouldn’t be for everyone.”

“There are people who deserve it. There are people who don’t,” the tweet added.

A Twitter user asked how someone would be deserving of an education, the same person replied: “Attitude sa studies! People who leech off their fellow students’ hard work especially in group works [don’t deserve an education].”

Another Twitter user, who wished to remain anonymous, tweeted receipts of that same person doing the same thing she said in that tweet, which is, to put it bluntly, leeching off fellow students’ hard work:

A friendly reminder that having an education should be for everyone.