She put the IDOL in Australian Idol


This girl really put the IDOL in Australian Idol in her viral audition

The outfit, the choreography, and the facial expressions were really all on point!

22-year-old Kristina Bilandzic from Sydney, Australia was probably just chasing a dream, but instead unknowingly became an Internet sensation overnight.

The reality talent show Australian Idol recently began its latest season. They posted Kristina’s audition on TikTok five days ago, as they do with a lot of auditions. The video of Kristina auditioning with K-Pop supergroup BTS’ ‘Dynamite‘ already amassed 5.3 Million views, one of their most viewed posts to this day.

@australianidol Our K-Pop queen! ⭐️ #AustralianIdol ♬ original sound – Australian Idol

Judges Megan Trainor and Kyle Sandilands’ reactions were seemingly shown to be a bit surprised by Kristina’s performance. Some comments seem to have also agreed that her approach might have been better received in a different survival show.

Meanwhile, there were other comments that praised Kristina and her energy, saying she did well and that some people were just being mean for no reason. Claiming that she is, in fact, a very sweet girl in person and that the show just “did her dirty”.

Kristina performs as a K-pop cover dancer which was probably why she was requested by the Australian Idol team to show up in that outfit and to perform her audition the way that she did, as she indicates in an Instagram post to address her now-viral audition.

Nevertheless, Kristina shares that she is very happy to have been able to even have the opportunity to go on Australian Idol. At the end of her post, she even used the opportunity to inspire others to go for what they want, to yolo, and to live their best lives while making special memories.

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