Taylor Lautner isn’t returning in Netflix’s ‘Sharkboy and Lava Girl’ sequel

We’ll take what we can get

Everyone’s nostalgia was triggered earlier today when Netflix dropped first look images of the ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ spinoff sequel ‘We Can Be Heroes’.

ICYDK, ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ is a 2005 film that features everything cheesy from the early 2000s – like bad CGI, a messy plot involving kid superheroes, and a lot of George Lopez. Hey, it’s wholesome family fun. We don’t need to get deep about it.

Meanwhile, the 2020 reboot showcases the duo as parents in the superhero team ‘The Heroics’ – despite coming from a kid’s imagination 15 years ago. Again, don’t think about it.


But while original Lavagirl actress Taylor Dooley is back on the role, it looks like Sharkboy’s original actor, Taylor Lautner, is nowhere to be found at all.

Turns out, Lautner since been recast with actor JJ Dashnaw (Spy Kids) in portraying 1/2 of the titular role. Much like with everything, nostalgic Twitter isn’t having it.





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