Sex offenders begging NOT to get exposed is pure BS

Gelo Lasin

Browse Twitterverse long enough, and you’re bound to come across occasional stories that’ll make your blood boil, such as this incident shared by Elise Apilado.


Elise was groped by one of her guy friends when she and her squad bunked in at a friend’s condo.


While she was initially stunned at the guy’s lewd advances, she eventually mustered enough courage to exile him from her friend’s apartment.


Elise eventually woke up to DMs which saw the guy profusely apologizing for his actions, including a part where he begged for the story not to spread


But in an act that every victim should emulate, Elise simply wasn’t having it

The main factor that convinced Elise to call out the sex offender? Apparently, the dude has a history of groping women in their sleep – a creepy habit that has been covered up for far too long by his friends.


The most pathetic thing in all of this is the dude’s constant requests to let the issue die down as its already ‘taking a toll’ on him.

He’s basically asking his victims to disregard an incident which they themselves would prob spend the rest of their lives just trying to forget.


This is a vivid portrayal of a disturbing trend nowadays, one which sees offenders committing an act and expecting the victim to be the one to adjust and take pity to their whims.

He didn’t have to rape or grope her and yet, he chose to. Kyle Viray didn’t have to beat his ex into a bloody pulp, and yet he did.

FYI, life is all about causes and effects. The balls you possess to perform such dumbassery should be just as big when you’re about to accept the consequences.

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