Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ hired an actual ‘intimacy director’ for its authentic sex scenes


Who’s watched it?

If you’ve watched the recent Netflix series ‘Sex Education‘, you’ve prob noticed just how authentic and real the approach on adolescents is – especially during those scenes.

It’s awkward enough to direct a sex scene without legit passion, more so when it’s supposed to be between awkward hormonal teenagers. Nobody’s first time isn’t perfect, after all.

In an interview with LADBible, showrunner Laurie Nunn and Ben Taylor shared that the show actually hired an ‘intimacy director‘ to help with making the sex scenes look as authentic as possible.

‘If you have a fight scene on a show you have a fight coordinator, and if you have a dance scene in a show you have a choreographer, and why do we not approach intimacy scenes like that?’ Laurie explained.

Without spilling spoilers, it’s clear that the show wants to say an important message for its mostly adolescent viewers: there’s more to being intimate than the raunchy, scripted sex scenes we see in media and porn.

Meanwhile, the show’s recent season 2 release this January 17 has been praised for its candid portrayal of the #MeToo movement, consent, sexual fluidity, self-harm, and more.

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