Send love letters like you’re from ‘Bridgerton’ with Pluma’t Pahina


Back when social media wasn’t a thing, people didn’t have a way to show off all those romantic grand gestures or instantly share how life is going. If you wanted to tell someone about your day, you have to compile everything in a handwritten letter. Reviving the old practice into the modern world is a store called Pluma’t Pahina.

The online shop connects people through customized handwritten letters stamped with wax seals. It provides a straightforward catalog for letter senders to choose among a variety of envelopes, wax seals, postage stamps, and other add-ons. All of which feels like you’re creating or receiving a letter in the 18th century.

The message of the customers will then be handwritten in calligraphy, and they can choose if it will be delivered anonymously or not. Orders are placed through a form that’s accessible on the store’s official Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook pages.


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Pluma’t Pahina’s brainchild Stephanie Pingol is a 20-year-old BS Architecture student at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. She shared that she needed another hobby outside of school to keep her occupied during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephanie tried selling baked goods at first, but she rediscovered her love for typography after watching Netflix’s Bridgerton. The show’s Regency period and academia vibe captured her interest and that’s how Pluma’t Pahina was born on the first day of February 2021.

The two main things that make this type of business thrive are 1) great handwriting, which Stephanie undoubtedly has; and 2) customers who will purchase its product and service. For the second one, TikTok did its magic and her customers kicked in. The first viral video of the shop showed a letter commissioned by a client for their dad.

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Pluma't Pahina, <b>Send love letters like you&#8217;re from ‘Bridgerton’ with Pluma’t Pahina </b>
Stephanie Pingol

Stephanie was doing everything on her own for half a year from writing, inventory, taking social media content, packing, and delivering. She shared, ‘When I had a viral video [on] TikTok and then I started my second year [in] school, I knew that it was getting more difficult. So I actually hired my sister to make letters for me.’

‘She gets a commission for every letter that she makes. So she’s the one and only employee that I have,’ she added. Her sister had great penmanship as well. But apart from that, she explained that writing the letters requires extra focus because she repeats a whole page whenever there’s a small mistake.

While writing letters are considered a thing of the past, the majority of Pluma’t Pahina’s customers are composed of teenagers. But Stephanie explained that she still gets commissions from people of all ages. She receives orders mostly from couples, people experiencing unrequited love, but also those who just want to greet their friends and family members.


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‘You can see, honestly, yung difference sa age,’ Stephanie explains how her customers compose their messages. ‘Part ako ng Gen-Z, so I can see not a lot of people my age are very expressive when it comes to writing letters so it’s also interesting how they find their own way to do it.’

‘When I do read the content, it’s kind of similar to how they write a message like chat,’ she added. ‘There’s less formality compared to when I receive letters from the older generation. Yung sinasanay sila talaga on how to write it.’

When asked what’s her favorite part of crafting a letter, she responded that it’s all about the content. She shared, ‘Dun sa 30 mins to 45 mins of writing each letter, it’s a few minutes of also knowing the customer and yung susulatan nila.’


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Pluma’t Pahina also posts the best lines that it wrote for their letter senders. Stephanie remembered a client who was in a long-distance relationship, and the sentence that struck her from his letter was, ‘For every sway of moonlight against the surface of the ocean that separates us, I’ll be thinking of you.’ 

‘My personal favorite, is [when] someone orders a letter for themself and then they will open it in the future and sila na bahala when they will read it,’ she added. ‘They didn’t have to wait or rely on someone else for them to receive a letter.’

Back when sliding in the DMs wasn’t the norm, receiving a handwritten letter was something that made a person anticipate someone’s stories more and there was a certain thrill attached to it. Pluma’t Pahina is kind of like your old-school wingman who could help you share your feelings, thoughts, apologies, and everything else that can be done through ink and paper.

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