Watch senatorial candidate Robin Padilla impersonate your drunk tito


Waiter, isang beer pa nga

Look, we’re not one to act as if we’re the next Sarah Geronimo. We’re not a whiz on the mic either. But this video of senatorial candidate Robin Padilla ‘singing’ Wonderful Tonight at a beauty pageant is absolutely phenomenal.

It evokes so many emotions. Nostalgia, because the performance reminds us of our drunken tito at every family reunion. Amazement, of whatever went through the mind of the organizers to greenlight this. Compassion, for the ladies and their awkward smiles. And Wonder, because Robin Padilla is definitely not a singer, so we’re not sure why he’s serenading these women in the first place.

According to the video’s caption, Padilla was a guest performer at Miss Sultan Kudarat 2021. It isn’t clear if the actor was there to campaign as part of his senatorial aspirations given the shirt he was wearing, or whether he merely stumbled by, grabbed the mic, and took over the show.

Struggling musical numbers aside, the same cannot be said for Robin Padilla’s political ambitions. He actually cracked the ‘Magic 12’ of the latest senatorial surveys, placing 10th overall, 5 months before the 2022 elections. He must be feeling good, so we can’t blame him then for being a bit ‘extra’ with himself, or for thinking he could do a solid Eric Clapton.

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