Senator Bato, who is a public servant, admits his bias for Duterte


The duality of man

Bato Dela Rosa recently aired his sentiments on the issue surrounding ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal – and scratched a few heads in the process.

When asked about the plight of the projected 11k workers that will be affected by the media company’s probable closure, Dela Rosa claims that they are worth the sacrifice if it means the Philippines would be better off for it.

‘What is 11,000 compared to the whole Filipino nation na matagal nang pinagsamantalahan ng isang companya?’ he said.

Earlier in the year, the cancellation of Dela Rosa’s US visa served as one of the catalysts in the termination of the Visting Forces Agreement (VFA), which is seen as a move that will jeopardize national security.

Dela Rosa: 11k workers affected by ABS-CBN shutdown? How about the Filipino nation?

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa questioned the veracity of reports that 11, 000 employees of ABS-CBN would be affected if the franchise is not renewed or extended by Congress.

Posted by on Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Dela Rosa was also asked if Duterte’s well-known grievances against the network have influenced his sentiments. The senator, who was elected in 2019 to serve the Filipino pvblic, proudly admitted to being biased for the president.

‘I will live and die with President Duterte. I will sink and swim with him’. he confesses. ‘He’s doing it for the majority of the Filipino people. Pareho kami ng objective sa buhay.’

However, Dela Rosa also denied that he is a blind follower and that he will give a ‘fair chance’ to ABS-CBN’s case.

‘Kaya nga sabi ko dapat may hearing… we have to give fair chance to everyone.’ he said. ‘Hindi ako plastic…ako’y totoong tao… meron akong bias towards my President’.

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But despite his attempt at ‘being real’, Dela Rosa’s statements were met with criticism from the pvblic, who reminded him that as a pvblic servant, his loyalty should belong to the Filipinos, not to one man.

Radio host DJ Chacha made headlines for calling Dela Rosa a lapdog, a label that has dogged the former PNP chief since the start of Duterte’s term.


For his part, Dela Rosa denied that there’s anything wrong with his proclamation of loyalty, per Inquirer.

‘Mali ba ang maging loyal sa isang duly elected President who is after the welfare of his people and who is willing to confront the oligarchs who have been bastardizing this country for so long?’

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