A bill in Senate seeks to give female students option to wear pants


For freedom of choice, gender equality, and safety.

Sen. Raffy Tulfo filed a bill in Senate pushing for mandatory gender-neutral uniform options in school for all students.

Senate Bill No. 1986, also known as the “Pants for Her” Act, seeks to “promote gender equality and to eliminate discrimination in all forms,” according to its explanatory note.

“The right of young women to wear trousers to school needs to be a given, and not a privilege that needs to be argued for in each individual case,” Tulfo said, adding that this move would create a more inclusive space for all students.

Should the proposed bill be passed, female students will be able to wear trousers or pants if they prefer this option. This would be made mandatory in all public and private schools, at all levels.

“The convenience of wearing pants or trousers should be available for all. Women should not be restricted to wearing skirts as their choice of uniform in schools, colleges, or universities,” the bill states.

In addition, the move hopes to also provide female students with protection against dengue outbreaks, move freely and comfortably on different modes of transport, and prevent harassment.

“To save lives and mitigate infection, wearing long sleeves and pants is one of the easy precautions one may take to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes that spread dengue,” Tulfo added.

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