AWESOME: These baristas just revealed the best ‘off the menu’ drinks at Starbucks

Gelo Lasin


For the unaware, Starbucks apparently has a ‘secret menu’ comprised of unique drinks outside of the normal offerings of the popular cafe chain.

While there exists a site where you could look up every item in the ‘secret menu’, not every drink is available to order here in Pinas.

That’s where our hero, twitter user @VargasBrad comes in.



Because he’s an all-around great guy (we’re assuming he is because why else would he do this), Brad practically confirmed every ‘off the menu’ drink you can order when you’re feeling a bit adventurous in your next trip to a Starbucks here in Pinas.

Better take some notes, guys.

For the milk tea addict



A new spin on tea



The Barista’s Drink



For those who live and breathe chocolate



This is just drool-worthy



For when you absolutely need to stay awake



Starbucks even has one named after your fave K-Pop group



Green Tea too bland for you?



Another spin on a classic



If Pink is your thing






Thanks for being a bro, Brad

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