SEA Games hotel speaks up on accommodation fiasco


2019 SEA Games are off to a start that would make Ja Rule proud.

Claims of unpreparedness from the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) flooded social over the weekend, from unfinished buildings to the disorganized accommodation of athletes from the likes of Thailand and Cambodia.



About Timor Leste football team…today they was arrived at the airport in Manila City but i’m sorry I can’t remember in…

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Now, Century Park Hotel Manila, which serves as one of the official homes of the delegates for the entirety of the Games, has responded to the concerns raised by Cambodia and Thailand.

The statement first addressed the plight of the Cambodian team, who were snapped sleeping on the floor. It reveals that the misstep was a mix of scheduling issues and ‘full occupancy’ of the rooms.

‘The signed agreement with the organizers include accommodations with the standard check-in time of 2:00 PM.’

‘We were told that team members from Cambodia were coming in early on November 23, 2019 the night before. As much as we wanted to accommodate the request, it was not possible due to full occupancy.’

‘Standard check out is until 12:00NN. However, as early as 8:25am, some members were given an early check-in due to availability of rooms.’

Official Statement of Century Park Manila #wewinasone

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Century Park adds that it moved the athletes to functions rooms as a temporary holding area. The Cambodian team also declined the hotel’s offer to provide more chairs, preferring to lie down on the floors instead.

‘Lunch was also served to the accordingly‘, the statement clarifies.

As with the Thai team’s complaint of a repetitive food menu and limited drinking water, Century Park says that a cycle menu will be provided for the delegates as per an initial agreement.

Two bottles of water per day will also be allotted ‘based on hotel industry standards.’ Century Park adds that it’s coordinating with organizers regarding issues raised by the Thai team.

We will strive to make the SEA Games delegation’s stay a memorable one in the coming days.’, assures the hotel.