What went down at Scout Creative Talks 2018

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It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing media landscape today.

With the demand to keep creating until the point of exhaustion, we often find ourselves in a creative rut.

On the other hand, for those who dabble in various creative platforms, these young creatives end up in a crossroad.

This is why we make it a point to engage young talents in a discussion with industry leaders and practitioners at the annual Scout Creative Talks.

For this year’s edition of Scout Creative Talks, which was held last Saturday, Oct. 6, at Samsung Hall in SM Aura, we invited seven individuals from different industries to give us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a creative today.

In the midst of social media’s ubiquity and the evolving platforms, the 2018 Scout Creative Talks highlighted the need to keep ourselves grounded in what’s happening beyond the screen.

Entering the venue, we had our partners lined up for attendees to interact with.

Oxygen allowed participants to try on clothes from their new collection and take pictures of themselves for a chance to win gift certificates. At the end of the event, three winners went home with some sweet Oxygen GCs.

Reef, on the other hand, prepared a game at their booth. Who would want to partake in a little archery while lining up for their seat? The question is, who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, Faber Castell was also present with a booth where attendees can have their pen engraved; perfect for starting the day of taking down notes you’ll need when furthering your career.

BJ Pascual opened the program by tracing his humble beginnings and growth in the industry. For the breakthrough photographer, looking back at his roots is an important factor in molding his vision.

“Your vision is your ammunition,” he said. “ Maraming gustong maging photographer. Maraming photographer. Period. Pero hindi lahat may vision.”

ABS-CBN reporter Mike Navallo followed suit with a discussion about storytelling in the digital age. For the lawyer-turned-reporter, situating a story in a local context is vital for the audience to care.

“The goal is to provide context. Make the people understand what’s the background of this,” Mike says. “People tend to dismiss [these] incidents as part of the norm, so its important to provide context.”

BBDO Guerrero’s executive creative director Federico Fanti also highlighted the need to keep abreast with what the audience likes. This fruitful interaction is important to determine which executions and stories matter.

“You need to be optimistic, believe in what you are doing and to be a little bit relentless. Just talent and relentless people can survive in the ocean of advertising industry.”

After the lunch break, Punziella indulged us in a fun talk about illustration. With clever visuals culled from pop culture, the artist stressed the importance of finding a style that an artist is comfortable with and one that would be remembered.

“It doesn’t matter if your style is inconsistent. It doesn’t matter what hat you’re wearing as long as you’re the one wearing it. What makes it your art style is [Soulja Boy “YOOOOOOOU” track plays],” she says.

Then, Preen.ph’s content creator Tisha Ramirez talked about women and LGBTQ+ representation in media. “If we are able to take a stand and say to people: ‘Hey, this is wrong.’ [Then], we can make the vicious cycle stop.”

For film, Smaller and Smaller Circles director Raya Martin shared the importance of building a world that viewers would want to get into. When you create a film, Raya stressed the significance of being aware of your surroundings, keeping up with the flow, and responding to issues accordingly through the medium.

“You have to ask yourselves as creatives: what’s your vision? What’s the thing that binds everything? And that’s why you want to make movies and it doesn’t have to be clear straight away.”

Finally, fashion influencer and the Fore founder Kim Jones ended the program with her talk about fashion. Kim told the crowd about the problem of the current system of fashion, but she encouraged us to rediscover collaboration in its truest and purest form.

“Remember that competition is inherently beneficial and paramount to a healthy industry. The creatives have the power to impact the industry. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by competition. Competition is paramount to a healthy market,” Kim says.

It was a fun day full of learning. After all the loaded conversations, we hope that the discussion wouldn’t stop there. Keep creating! We’ll see you next year!

Scout Creative Talks 2018 is powered by Hinge Inquirer Publications, and special thanks to Oxygen, Reef, and Faber Castell; with media partners Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer.net InqPop, LoopMe PH, Preen.ph, and We The Pvblic.

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