SB19 will hold a free concert this October

Gelo Lasin

After proving that it’s actually possible to have a Filipino boy group that doesn’t suck, Internet faves SB19 has revealed that they are planning to hold a concert this October – for free!

The deets were spilled by the group’s producer, Robin Geong, on Facebook.

We plan to make some concert for you guys. We plan to open [the concert] in October’, Geong’s translator explains.

‘As soon as we decide the date, we will try to announce soon.’

‘We thought it would be better to sell the ticket, but SB19 suggested [to Robin Geong] to open the concert for free’.

Watch the announcement here (skip to 22:34)

Facebook Q&A with our producer Robin Geong and our teacher Adelaide Hong! #SB19xRobinQnA

Posted by SB19 on Saturday, September 7, 2019