Forbes features SB19 as the world’s gateway to PH music

Making it to the big leagues

P-Pop boy group SB19 have had their fair share of deserved acclaim since their 2018 debut – from landing in Billboard’s Social 50 chart to amassing a consistently solid fanbase.

While K-Pop may be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Asian music, SB19 plans to make a change. With their recent accolades, the 5-piece group has been introducing much-needed diversity to the international music scene.

The group even recently landed a feature with US-based online magazine Forbes, which tackles their rise to stardom and the K-Pop inspired process to bring OPM to the map.

Forbes features SB19 as the world's gateway to PH music

Written by Tamar Herman, the Forbes article delves into how the boys aim to be ‘distinctly Pinoy‘ in their artistic choices, even though they underwent years of training through the infamous K-Pop idol system.

‘What differs us from other countries is the soul we put in it,’ shared main vocalist Sejun.

‘Everything that we’ve experienced in life, everything that influences us as an artist, our culture, our language, that’s what we  put into our music, and we want to show that to the world.’

Comprised of SejunJoshJustinKen, and Stell, each member knows how to sing, dance, and choreograph as they regularly post seamless dance videos on their YouTube channel – they also maintain PH culture through their Filipino songs.

‘Although the K-pop model is already well established, I wanted to create a new culture mixed with P-pop. So, SB19 is a new idol group with a unique style that is a result of localization,’ shared their company founder Seong Han Geong.

Forbes features SB19 as the world's gateway to PH music
ALAB (Burning) dance practice still

Though their rigorous training and discipline may come from Korea’s icon system, SB19 is homegrown and damn proud of it – as they’ve been regularly setting the bar high for OPM.

True to the fandom, SB19 stans have also shown support for their faves newest feature through the hashtag #SB19ForbesArticle.

Check out the group’s latest single ‘ALAB (Burning)

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