‘SB19’ is the answer to OPM’s ‘Idol Group’ problem

SB19, ‘SB19’ is the answer to OPM’s  ‘Idol Group’ problem

I think it isn’t blasphemous for me to say that the Filipino boy/girl band industry has a long, looong way to go. For every solo standout such as Sarah Geronimo, there are group stinkers such as It’s Showtime’sGirlTrends‘.

Just take this atrocity as an example (Sorry girls, but this just hurts me to my core).

It's Showtime has given GT, formerly known as 'Girltrends', a second chance to improve their performance or else the group will be disbanded. Earlier this year, they were regrouped and only few were retained. Is this the kind of performance we all want to see on a national tv? Do they deserve the second chance?Look at Hashtags. Ang laki ng improvement. Mas may appeal pa sa mga tao. Itong mga Girltrends nato, jusko. Before you perform live on a show, make sure that you are all prepared and that you memorize the choreography. That's the basic rule. Kasimple-simple, di pa ma-execute ng maayos. Sayang air time sa inyo. Kaya di kayo gusto ng karamihan. Question lang GirlTrends, do you all watch your movements in front of the mirror while rehearsing? Do you even make sure na sabay-sabay kayo and you perform as a group? Sa result ng performance n'yo it appears that you're competing with one another. So tama nga siguro yung mga rumor na nagpapaplastikan lang kayo dyan. Naghihilaan pababa. That's the reason why Maris, Karen and Loisa left the group months after you were introduced as Girltrends. Go on workshop. Walang kukuha sa inyo sa basurang performance n'yo!PS: Tawang-tawa talaga ako sa babae na nasa gitna. Ready-ing ready na sa Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan sa Davao. HAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Jovaney Van-van Torrevillas on Thursday, August 15, 2019


But if Filipino boy band ‘SB19‘ is any indication, it seems that the group scene is in for a bit of redemption. The P-pop act – composed of Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin – broke socials yesterday with their dance practice vid for their single ‘Go UP‘.

I don’t want to spoil the experience but fuck me, it’s a thing of beauty.


SB19 – which was formed in 2018 – is apparently managed by Korean entertainment company ‘ShowBT Philippines Corp’. The boys were trained under the K-Pop system, which requires idols to undergo years of rigorous training and preparations.

Each SB19 member can sing, dance, even create their own music and choreo. And in case you didn’t notice, ‘Go Up‘ – as well as their debut single ‘Tilaluha‘ – has Tagalog lyrics.

It seems that while their music may be influenced by the K-Pop industry, SB19 would prefer to make it big in the OPM scene, as revealed to PhilStar.com.

Although we are under a Korean company, hindi namin syempre nakakalimutan yung pagiging Filipino namin and we are doing this because our success is also for the Filipinos.’ said member Justin.

Judging by the reactions on socials, Filipinos are definitely (and thankfully) taking notice. I think I’m one with the Internet when I say that I’d rather watch these guys than the clusterfuck we regularly see on TV.






The boys have come a long way since our last write-up. Aside from the ever-growing hype, SB19 became the first Filipino boy group to nab a spot at Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart.

The boys ranked sixth behind K-Pop group A.C.E on the list, which tracks ‘the fastest-accelerating artists from the past week across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success.’


Watch ‘Go Up’ here: