‘Save as JPG’ is old news, Photoshop to add ‘Prepare as NFT’ to save options


There are a lot of great digital artworks that you can see all over the internet, and some are already in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). In order to prove that you’re purchasing something authentic, Adobe announced that it’s releasing a “prepare as NFT” option that’s included in Photoshop’s upcoming updates.

Adobe community product VP Will Allen unveiled more details about the update on a blogpost on Tuesday. It’s called the Content Credentials feature, which allows people selling NFTs to link the Adobe ID with their crypto wallet and social media accounts. Through this feature, the credential metadata of images can be verified through a website.

Allen also shared that Adobe partnered with NFT marketplaces KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare to display Content Credentials. It will allow potential buyers to verify if the wallet used to create the artwork is the same one that minted it. The feature will be available in preview by the end of the month.

photoshop nft, <b> &#8216;Save as JPG’ is old news, Photoshop to add ‘Prepare as NFT’ to save options</b>

In case you’re still confused about what an NFT is, it’s a digital asset – memes, artworks, games, videos, and music – that are bought and sold online. There are embedded with an underlying software since it’s frequently purchased with cryptocurrency. NFTs already existed back in 2014 but are currently getting attention now due to the popular way of trading digital artwork.

When users online heard about Adobe’s update on Photoshop, some were hoping that they include the NFT feature on its other products like Lightroom. Another user shared alternative software that also has the capability to encode the needed data. Meanwhile, other users aren’t a fan of the new update since it would most likely increase the software’s price.

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