Sarah Silverman shows us what happens when we choose love over hate

Gil Cadiz

We are liable to lash out right away to anyone who disses us on social media. Someone throws us shade, we throw the same right back at them. Someone calls us a dirty word, we call them back an even dirtier one. Our tendency is not to pause and assess the situation but to defend ourselves quickly and strongly.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman is a total exception. When someone called her the c-word on Twitter, she took the high road by engaging the would-be troll in friendly and life-changing conversation about his personal issues she found out about when she checked out his profile.

This masterclass of hers on choosing love over hate will give you hope for humanity. Read on.

Sarah Silverman 1

Sarah Silverman 2

Sarah Silverman 3

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Sarah Silverman 9

We’re not crying. YOU ARE.

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