Sarah G and Matteo’s ‘Divine Intervention’ is peak teleserye drama


ICYMI, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli finally got hitched! While congratulations are in order, a showbiz wedding such as this wouldn’t be much of a fuss since a) they’ve been together since forever and b) they already (subtly) announced their engagement last year.

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CNN Philippines

It’s how the wedding went down that truly sets it apart. According to reports, Sarah’s mother, known on the Internet as ‘Mommy Divine’, ‘unexpectedly’ gatecrashed the pair’s civil wedding in Taguig.

Apparently, the ceremony was meant to be kept as a secret to the notoriously strict Divine, who has long been rumored to be disapproving of her 31-year old’s various suitors throughout the years.

That is until one of Sarah’s bodyguards ‘leaked’ the info, which earned him a clock to the throat, courtesy of Matteo. And while the incident was reported to the police, the wedding proceeded as planned (much to Mommy Divine’s chagrin, we imagine) and the two are now officially husband and wife.

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And in case the incident sounds a tad familiar, it’s because it’s straight from every teleserye in existence. It has everything: the forbidden couple, the chief antagonist, and a scene where true love persists despite the odds. Mommy Divine screaming ‘Itigil ang kasal’ would’ve been the icing on the cake.

The snafu is the closest your Tita’s Pangako Sa’yo dreams could come close to becoming reality. The Internet certainly seems to think so.