We answer: ‘Who the f*ck is Sam Morales?’

Sam Morales. It’s a name that you might’ve picked up as soon as you opened your social this morning. Twitter, in particular, has been in an uproar, with Sam Morales currently being the top keyword on the site.

With countless tweets speaking up on the topic, trying to make sense of it all could be a daunting task, especially for those whose reading isn’t exactly their forte. In this article, we’re going to break down the issue: the whos, the whats, and the whys.

Sam Morales, <b> We answer: &#8216;Who the f*ck is Sam Morales?&#8217; </b>

Who is Sam Morales

Based on testimonials, Sam Morales is a budding photographer/videographer/filmmaker who has recently worked with big brands such as H&M. Morales might not be a familiar name outside of the creative field (well, before the issue anyway), but she seems to be recognizable enough within her industry.

If you’re thinking of looking up her social accounts to get more info, don’t bother. As of writing, all of her socials, such as Facebook and Instagram, have either been deactivated or taken down.

What is the issue

Here’s where it gets messy. The issue began with a Twitter thread by Jzan Tero (@JzanVern), who identifies as transgender.

You can check out her full story below, but if long reads aren’t your cup of tea, here’s the gist: Sam Morales allegedly catfishes trans women and manipulates them into falling for her model, Bilko Argana.

If you’re unfamiliar with catfishingit’s the act of luring someone into a relationship by adopting a fake online persona. A poser, in simplest terms. In this case, Morales supposedly chats and flirts with the victim online, while Argana (as pictured below) keeps up appearances.

But while posers are not unheard of, especially in the online dating world, it’s the great lengths that Morales was willing to go for to keep up the sham. The story also suggests that Argana is forced to play a part in the scheme or risk losing his modeling job.




After the thread above went viral, multiple individuals claiming to be Morales’ victims have also come forward. But once we go further down the rabbit hole, we learn that Morales’s penchant for trans women supposedly stems from a bullying incident that involved gay people and a homophobic uncle.



Why everyone is furious

Aside from the fact that manipulating people is a douche move, Tzan Jero’s thread shows the length of the emotional and mental trauma that catfishing brings. Tzan’s story, which took place over the course of 8 months, involved a ruckus in a public restaurant, sexual manipulation, and elaborate schemes that are just unbelievable to read.

Morales’s alleged catfishing scheme is also another blow to a trans community that already faces ridicule and stigma on the daily (See: PH’s first transphobic song for 2020)


What’s happening right now

Apart from the online furor, notable figures have either denounced or distanced themselves from Morales following the issue. There’s no word yet on when Morales will air her side of the issue, as she has seemingly fallen off the grid.



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