Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool with yellow fur in ‘Detective Pikachu’

Gelo Lasin

Ryan Reynolds is now playing as Pikachu in the Pokemon franchise’s first ever live action film, proving once again that anything is possible in Hollywood.

Titled ‘Detective Pikachu’, the flick sees the actor take on the voice role of the iconic character as he teams up with a failed Pokemon trainer named Tim. Tim just so happens to be the only human who can understand Pikachu’s language, and the two band together to solve the disappearance of the trainer’s father.

Featuring real-life renditions of your fave Pocket Monsters such as Charizard and Jigglypuff, this film is either going to be awesome or a nightmare-fueled trip to the uncanny valley.

Unlike its small screen persona, this version of Pikachu is also one sarcastic hardass, which essentially means that the entire movie’s actually a Pokemon X Deadpool crossover in disguise.

Watch it here:

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