Ross Butler wants to take Hugh Jackman’s place as Wolverine

We The Pvblic

Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why was previously interviewed by NBC Asian American with 20 questions from the pvblic itself.

The range goes on, from his favorite Archie Comics character, which is Reggie Mantle of course played by the big guy himself on Riverdale, to his superpower of playing any instrument, to his dream role and his twinnie Li Shang from Mulan.

“I was raised playing tennis and basketball. I did use my height to an advantage,” he said.

“I do like pineapple on my pizza,” he adds, putting a notch up the controversial debate that is pineapples on pizza.

He made a lot of points including the fact that he would indeed love to play the role of Wolverine.

“My dream role is Wolverine,” he says. “Hugh Jackman, I’m gonna fill your spot. I’m coming for you.”

Is that a threat? Maybe. Maybe not. But we’d sure love to see him fill in those shoes.