Ronda’s ‘Do Nothing Bitch’ will now hit the silver screens with Tina Fey

We The Pvblic

Yep, our badass female UFC fighter will soon reach Hollywood as Paula Pell recently pitched in to Universal Pictures of Ronda Rousey’s brand ‘Do Nothing Bitch’ or DNB.

DNB, Rousey explains, that this is how her mother raised her not to be, and to not be someone “Who just tries to be pretty and to be taken care of by somebody else. […] There is not a single muscle in my body that isn’t for a purpose, because I’m not a do nothing bitch.”

The movie will star actress Tina Fey and will be comedic as “wives who get a rude awakening at a camp where Rousey plays the no-nonsense instructor,” as reports from Yahoo! Movies.

Here’s the video of Rousey’s campaign