Extremely rare ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is happening this weekend


A literal sight to behold

An awe-inspiring ‘ring of fire’ partial solar eclipse is set to take over the skies this Sunday, June 21.

The rare occurrence is caused by ‘apogee‘, or when a new moon is near its farthest point from Earth. It’s also called a ‘ring of fire’ due to the moon temporarily covering the sun, causing only its edges to be seen.

This weekend’s new moon will block 99.4% of the sun at its peak, almost forming a total solar eclipse and making for a pretty amazing sight to see.

‘The northernmost areas of Luzon will have a good view of the partial solar eclipse, having an eclipse obscuration of up to 91 percent,’ explained PAGASA on the eclipse’s PH range.

‘While the Visayas and Mindanao areas’ eclipse obscuration ranges from 52-66 percent and 43-58 percent, respectively.’

ring of fire solar eclipse, <b> Extremely rare &#8216;Ring of Fire&#8217; solar eclipse is happening this weekend </b>

The Sunday eclipse can only be seen across Africa, Asia, south and east Europe, north Australia, and Micronesia.

Per PAGASA, the solar eclipse can be observed in 3 prominent places in PH, with their observation times at:

  • 3:01 PM – 5:31 PM (Manila)
  • 2:54 PM – 5:28 PM (Itbayat, Batanes)
  • 3:15 PM to 5:31 PM (Zamboanga)

Meanwhile, the best time to view the ‘ring of fire’ at its peak are:

  • 4:23 PM (Manila)
  • 4:18 PM (Itbayat, Batanes)
  • 4:28 PM (Zamboanga)

Like with most eclipses, PAGASA is reminding us to wear eye protection and never ever look directly at the sun – no matter how beautiful it’ll look.