Rihanna blesses the pvblic with 10-minute makeup tutorial

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Queen RiRi comes back up to bless us with her beauty tips as if releasing a foundation with 36 shades that’s made various people of color celebrate isn’t enough.

In a video with Vogue, Rihanna shows her makeup routine, a trend something Vogue has currently been following, showing videos of various artists from K-pop star Jessica Jung to model Adriana Lima and actress Priyanka Chopra.

What’s probably different in this video is that Rihanna features products only from her makeup line Fenty Beauty, from the foundation to brushes to lips.

She starts with Fenty Pro Filt’r foundation (Rihanna doesn’t even prime, not that she needs to, she’s already perfect), using the Fenty make up sponge for that full coverage look.

In standard makeup process application, she contours using Mocha Matchstix, with her contour tips being blended up the hairline to avoid that nasty line on the forehead, and that blending is KEY.

According to Rihanna, warming up your concealers before applying is important to hide eyebags, hangovers, and bad decisions. Lastly, set with powder to avoid that oily look.

Another tip is to smile when applying blush, and the key to highlighting is to not be afraid to play with it, don’t settle for highlighting just your cheekbones because you can highlight your browbones and nose bridge, and the corner of your eyes to get that “umpf” as people in the beauty community say.

It’s all up to you, go traditional or go crazy, and get a page out of Bretman Rock’s book and highlight your ears!

Lastly, to get that Barbadian beach look, Rihanna shows the beauty of her new product, Fenty Beauty Lava (which has been the recent rage among the beauty community, especially now this summer), slathering it with the Fenty kabuki brush, which apparently is how the magic happens.

Perhaps the most important tip we can learn from her little tutorial is that the best teacher for makeup is yourself.

With all the years she has been in an industry wherein makeup is basically a part of her life, Rihanna believes that there are just some things that makeup artists can’t do for you, it’s up to you to do it for yourself.

Makeup is a hobby to some, a way of life to others. Just remember that it’s a way to express yourself, get yourself that extraness you deserve, practice as much as you need, but most of all, it’s important to have fun!

Content by: Grace Moley P. Galindo

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