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ARMYs donated PHP 45K to a rider for being a respectful human being


While other food delivery riders have been suspended for homophobic slurs over McDonald’s BTS Meal, Benjamin Baetiong reaped rewards for simply being a decent human being.

Baetiong was a subject of a social media campaign launched by BTS fans (aka ARMYs) which saw him receive donations upwards of PHP 45,0000. The rider initially shared how grateful he was to McDo’s newest offering, which has led to a surge in deliveries.

Baetiong and his positive outlook was a welcome one, given the constant online criticism ARMYs have received since the release of the BTS Meal. The fandom kickstarted the #ARMYMealProject campaign, a donation drive with a target goal of PHP 7,000.

Within 12 hours, the amount far exceeded the goal and notched over PHP 45,000.

‘I hope that this would also become (serve as) an awareness to others, that a little kindness and respect goes a long way, and that you will be rewarded with every good deed’, wrote one of the organizers.

Since the start of the campaign, Baetiong has been gushing in gratitude in successive Facebook posts. According to him, the amount will be used to help his family and his sick father.

‘Salamat po sa lahat lahat. Mabuhay po kayo… BTS ARMY, McDonald’s, and sa Foodpanda. God bless you all!’.

McDonald’s also gave Baetiong a solid by gifting him his own batch of BTS meals.

BTS and their ARMYs, both locally and internationally, have had quite a history when it comes to kickstarting commendable campaigns. While it’s inevitable that there will be a few bad eggs who will spoil the fandom’s name, stories like Benjamin Baetiong’s serve as a reminder of the collective power that fan communities possess – and their enormous potential for good.

BTS Meal, <b> ARMYs donated PHP 45K to a rider for being a respectful human being </b>

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