Rick Riordan confirms Percy Jackson TV series


It’s really happening!

Months after teasing that he’s pushing Disney for a reboot, Rick Riordan finally got his wish! The author, along with his wife, confirmed on Twitter that a series based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians is in the works for Disney Plus.


He later revealed that the live-action show will adapt the first book, ‘The Lightning Thief’, for season one. The pair will also be ‘involved in person in every aspect of the show’, which means we might see a more faithful take compared to the films.

Riordan previously wrote letters stating that he wasn’t on board with the movie adaptations, particularly with the scriptwriting, the decision to cast an older Percy, and the overall deviation from his work.


While the cast has yet to be announced, fans have already pitched one actor in mind: Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson himself, but this time as Poseidon. Tbh, he does look the part, 7 years after the last film’s debut. Here’s hoping he gets a spot – or a cameo, at least.


As for Logan himself, he’s happy for the show, tweeting ‘Excited to see this! Hope it gets the adaptation the books deserve.’ Was that a shot at the films? Maybe, maybe not.