Rick Riordan is pushing Disney for ‘Percy Jackson’ reboot


Keep your fingers crossed Percy Jackson fans, ’cause something big might be on the way.

Author Rick Riordan took to Twitter to confirm that he’s personally doing his damnest to launch a reboot of the beloved five-part Greek mythology series.

‘I have nothing to announce on this front yet, but I am in LA right now, trying hard to convince the powers-that-be that this needs to happen for you, the fans’, shares Riordan.

‘Your enthusiasm online helps.’


Riordan’s confirmation comes after the success of the Broadway adaptation of the first book The Lightning Thief‘. With the play’s positive reception, fans renewed their desire for an onscreen take, resulting in the viral hashtag #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson




Hollywood adaptation of the title have so far fallen short. The film series, which was only able to adapt the first two books, was a disappointment at the box office and was criticized for its deviation from the source material.

As to whether Riordan is still pushing for the same big-screen take is still in the air. Rumor site We Got This Covered suggests that a more faithful TV-show is in the works.

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